Architectural & Planning Studio

About us

APS (Architectural & Planning Studio) is a registered Architectural Practice, with registered Architects in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and has delivered a broad spectrum of work, across the region, since the late sixties. Today we have re-energised the practice with knowledge and experience gained locally, regionally and internationally, and continue to evolve to meet the ever changing needs and requirements of our clients.


In its current format, APS is headed by principle Architects, Graham Cochrane and Geoff Fox, with strategic support and continuity from Mark Claypole, a second generation APS Principle. We recognise that our greatest resources are the incredibly tallented people who work with us in the office, the professional consultants, skilled contractors, and visionary clients, who collectively make great buildings possible.


Choosing APS, means choosing an Architectural practice which: Places the utmost importance on its relationships, professionalism and reputation. Uses the latest hardware and software to interrogate and illustrate each and every project. Prides itself on prompt and efficient communication. Values the skills and wellbeing of its employees. Places social, economic and environmental sustainability at the heart of every project. Aims to create beautiful and inspiring spaces, in conjunction with enduring and cost effective buildings.


APS's work is varied, and ranges in genre, complexity and scale from extensions and refurbishments to new builds. We specialise in larger public projects including: commercial, industrial, education, health care, transport and hospitality. In each and every instance we pride ourselves on being able to maximise the project brief, and use our innate creativity, practicality and problem solving skills, to push every project to its limit.  


APS is able to assist clients at each project workstage, either in continual sequence or as individual isolated elements. Services offered include: Project inception and formulation of a brief,  feasibility and master planning studies, project design and constructon information, as well as municipal approvals, tender adjudication, contract administration, coordination of consultants and site supervision.


APS operates from a co-working / educational facility called the 'Hive 25': As well as cross networking opportunities between allied consultants and businesses, the Hive offers an array of shared facilites, including cafetaria / coffee shop, video conferencing / meeting facilities and a staff gym / pool. Please phone in advance to book an appointment, and we look forward to meeting you to discuss your project requirements - Look out for the yellow surfboard: Office 9, 25 Shortheath Road, Chisipite, Harare, Zimbabwe