Springvale, Sports Pavilion, Marondera

Springvale, Sports Pavilion, Marondera



Description: In 2013 APS were commissioned to design a new sports pavilion building for the Peterhouse group of Schools (Springvale Junior School) in Marondera, Zimbabwe.

Challenge: This building was intended not only as a pavilion, where Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Athletics (depending on the season) could be viewed from, but also as service hub where food and drinks could be prepared and served. In addition there was to be an ablution block for staff, guests and children alike. In consultation with the Headmaster, Graham Peebles, we reviewed various sites which would offer easy access, sufficient parking, optimal spectator orientation and take full advantage of the spectacular views beyond.

Solution: We reviewed several siting options, until agreeing on one which utilised the natural slope of the land for terraced seating, and nestled into the surrounding Msasa bush land. The service zones are intentionally hidden away whilst the pavilion platform projects proudly, and is sheltered from the weather by a gently curving roof which echoes the lightness of a para-sail. Panoramic views of the distant Gosho Game Park are emphasised and granite stone terraces anchor the building to its landscape. We designed the building to be as multifunctional as possible, and in addition to the more obvious functions, has since been used for weddings, birthdays, fireworks displays, live bands and leavers parties to name a few.


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