Geoff Fox

Principal Architect

2012 - Current
2009 & 2016: SACAP &

  • 2000: BAS, University of Cape Town, SA
    • Corro Brick Prize for Design & Tectonics 'Art Gallery, Cape Town SA'
  • 2004: BArch, University of Cape Town, SA
  • 2009: Registered Architect, South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP)
  • 2016: Registered Architect, Architects Council of Zimbabwe (ACZ)



After 7 years experience working for various well known Architects in the UK, Geoff returned to Zimbabwe in 2012 to help expand the business with Graham Cochrane and Mark Claypole. Geoff is a Principal Architect at APS, and is a registered Architect in South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

Geoffs interest in architecture is centered around the understanding of human and environmental processes, and the optimisation of building design in response to these - American Architect, Louis Sullivan succinctly summarised this line of thinking with the adage ''form follows function''.

Geoffs constant challenge is the pursuit of exciting forms and inspiring spaces that are fit for purpose, and positivley enhance the activities and livlehoods of their users.

Design and co-ordination of projects with specific emphasis on Education, Medical and Public / Institutional Buildings. Social and environmental sustainability is always at the fore front of Geoffs design.