In its current format, APS is headed by principal Architects, Graham Cochrane and Geoff Fox, with strategic support and continuity from Mark Claypole, a second generation APS Principal. We recognise that our greatest resources are the incredibly tallented people who work with us in the office, as well as the professional consultants, skilled contractors, and visionary clients, who collectively make great buildings possible.

Partnership Past & Present

Architectural and Planning Studio, (incorporating Roy Densem Architects), commenced operation in 1980 under the the first generation Partnership of two well known and previously established local Architects, Roy Densem (Retired 1989) and Philip Smith (Retired 1983). In 1985 and 1988 respectively, Mark Claypole and Andy van de Ruit (Passed 2005) came on board as Principals, followed briefly by Johnathan Atkinson, whom together constituted the second generation Partnership. In 2011 the company, was reformed beneath the same banner of APS, now under the experience of third generation Principal Architects, Graham Cochrane and Geoff Fox, with strategic guidance and direction from Mark Claypole, who continues to practice as an Architect with Fabians, in Cape Town SA.

Architectural Team

The company in its current format, is constituted by 4 registered Zimbabwean Architects (two of whom are also South African Registered), and a compliment of architectural assistants and technical resources specialising in architectural / interior design and technical detailing. We have the ability to scale up our human resources capacity, at a moments notice by engaging free-lance contractors, as and when individual project requirements dictate. We work within a creative, collaborative, open plan environment within a beautiful co-working environment called the Hive, which offers staff and colleagues access to communal reception, cafetaria, meeting facilities and gym / swimming pool. 

Consultant Team

Over the years we have built up a tried and tested relationship with many Consultants, ranging from Visualisation Experts and Municipal Approval Experts, as well as Interior / Landscape Design Specialists, to Multidisciplinary Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers. If you do not have any experience with these allied professionals, then we would be happy to assist you in this regard.

Contractors & Sub-contractors

Having worked with numerous Contractors and Sub-contractors over a broad range of projects in Zimbabwe, we would be happy to put forward a shortlist of recommended companies, and outline our experiences with them.