Choosing APS, means choosing an Architectural practice which: Places the utmost importance on its relationships, professionalism and reputation. Uses the latest hardware and software to interrogate and illustrate each and every project. Prides itself on prompt and efficient communication. Values the skills and wellbeing of its employees. Places social, economic and environmental sustainability at the heart of every project. Aims to create beautiful and inspiring spaces, in conjunction with enduring and cost effective buildings.


The management of APS realises that the intellectual capital of the company and the and aggregate value of the work it does, is embodied by the people involved in the process. For this reason we take care to foster meaningful relationships between all concerned, invest in the skills, and future development of its staff and above all try to foster an environment where our pride and passion will shine through in our buildings.


For us, being professional is about doing everything possible in the best interests of the client and the job at hand. When projects go to site, and contract administration is called upon, we aim to be fair, and impartial between all parties, and nurture the lines of communication, so that potential conflicts are avoided, and common goals are nurtured.


We aim to produce buildings of design excellence, that are both functional and beautiful, surpassing our clients expectations. We believe that successful buildings are created through partnership, and in collaboration with our various, clients, consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors and contractors. We take responsibility to protect and safeguard the natural and built environment for current and future generations. We understand the importance of sensible project planning and implementation to ensure that buildings are completed on time and within budget.


We communicate in lots of different forms for many different purposes, but the most important thing is to ensue that every body involved has a shared vision, purpose and focus. From that point on, anything is possible. In the early stages of a project, we find that there is no better form of communication than face to face and pencil to paper. As the design and documentation process evolves however, we draw upon the latest technology in hardware and software  to communicate and share ideas and information to all involved in a professional and timeley manner. At all times, effective communication is seen as a tool to foster beneficial relationships and avoid misunderstanding and potential conflict.


Being sustainable is about acknowledging our place on this planet and our effect on the eco-systems, and natural processes around us. We understand that what we do within the built environment, has an effect both on current and future generations of people, flaura and fauna. For this reason, we commit ourselves to the three tennats of environmental, social and economic sustainability, with the ambition to conserve and positively improve the environments we work within. Through intelligent design, we are able to maximise building orientation, reduce solar gain, and conserve energy and water. Our overarching aim is to reduce the buildings carbon footprint, both during construction and during the course of its lifetime.


Using the latest hardware and software is key to our ability to communicate our design intent to the client, and deliver great projects on time and within budget. We are able to interrogate the building design from its infancy right through to detailed construction information and beyond using REVIT 'Building Information Modelling' (BIM) software from Autodesk. Our projects are modelled in 3D from the start, and we draw projects in a virtual environment in the same way as a contractor would build them. This allows us to identify and resolve potential conflicts in materials, structure or services, in advance of potential timeley and costly mistakes on site. Together with our trusted consultants, we work tirelessley towards fully co-ordinated and integrated drawing and project management packages, that can be clearly costed and built from.