St. Martins School, ECD Centre, Graniteside

St. Martins School, ECD Centre, Graniteside



Description: In 2018 APS were commissioned by the Dominican Sisters and St. Martins Primary School to take over an existing concept design (previously conceived by Architectural Technician Peter Wright) for a new ECD (Early Childhood Develoment) Center at St. Martins School, in Graniteside.

Challenge: This was to be an incremental project consisting of 4 separate phases - to be completed as and when donor funding would allow. The unique idea was to create an infants department, accomodating both pre-school, ECD A and B, as well as Grades 1 and 2. It was envisioned that this would have its own independent administration department and communal hall, and would be independent from the rest of the upper school. Such was the popularity of the school and the demand from the community that the school was under pressure to increase its current handling capacity from one class per year group to two classes per year group.

Solution: In consultation with the schools Head and Deputy Head, Mr Gwese and Sr Veronica, an optimal site was selected close to parking, pick up, and drop off facilities. The original design was subtly adapted to take into account the topography of the selected site and functional layout of the administration, staff rooms and adult ablutions. The construction information was further developed in respect to local building regulations - specifically fire and emergency escape taking cognisance of disabled access throughout. Classroom windows were adapted so that the deep reveals doubled both as functional display niches, and sunscreening, whilst utility counter tops with inset sinks were added to each classroom to ensure day to day functionality for staff and students alike. Particular care was taken to ensure that all bathroom and work/play facilities were specifically scaled and proportioned to the young children - aged between 3-5 years old (ECD A and B) and 5-7 years old (Grades 1 and 2). A spectrum of vibrant colours in combination with animal decals were chosen for each individual classroom to make way finding and classroom reference as easy as possible for the little ones.

Design House co-ordinated the fitted cabinetry and detailed the cutting schedules with the suppliers.

Phase 1 - ECD Classrooms: Crissons Construction

Phase 2  - Grades 1 & 2 Classrooms: Dourich Construction


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