Pevency Road, Cluster Housing, Highlands

Pevency Road, Cluster Housing, Highlands





Description: In 2014 APS were commissioned to design a 7 unit cluster housing complex for a private client in an exclusive suburb of Highlands, Harare.

Challenge: The clients brief to us was to maintain the existing homestead, and optimize and masterplan the rest of the site for as many cluster houses as possible - each to dwelling to measure in the region of 500m2 gross building area. The existing owners of the property were very emotionally tied to the site, and the population of mainly indigenous trees, and so we were tasked with laying out each individual dwelling for optimum solar orientation as well as maintaining as many trees as possible.

Solution: Our solution was a simple modular building typology centred around a courtyard. We mirrored and rotated each dwelling footprint where appropriate to optimise solar orientation, and then tweaked these on site, where possible, to accommodate prime trees. Accommodation within the house is divided into three distinct zones (living, sleeping and utility). The result is a tight cluster of buildings centred around a secure courtyard. This is a building type which is simple and cost effective to construct, but which facilitates all of the permutations of functional living - The courtyard offers privacy and security as well as opportunities to shelter from the sun or wind - seamlessly enabling inside / outside living. The building footprint segments the site into intensive pockets of outdoor space, and can be uniquely tailored by the owners and used year round. Large concertina doors allow the building skin to opens up, or close down to the environment, depending on the requirement for shelter, activity or security. The bedrooms are modest but functional, all with beautifully appointed en-suites, and walk in wardrobes. Utility laundry, garage, stores and domestic accommodation are hidden to the rear, whilst the open plan kitchen, living and dining areas are given prime position, with double sided views to the perimeter gardens and the inner courtyard. The generous covered veranda and entertainment area is given pride of place with northern orientation and panoramic views of the garden and swimming pools beyond.


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