KFC, Bulawayo

KFC, Bulawayo





Description: APS have provided ongoing full Architectural Services for both KFC Zimbabwe and KFC Zambia since 2015. As approved Architects to YUM - APS are typically commissioned to conduct a feasibility study followed by full design and working drawing packages with particular and detailed reference to the KFC design guide to ensure that the KFC brand is carried through from conception to construction information. Thereafter we assist with tender adjudication and selection of the main contractor including selected subcontractors where applicable. Site supervision was carried out with APS as principle agent, through to completion. We are pleased to note that the 5 outlets in Zimbabwe were completed on time and within budget. Franchising agents from YUM in South Africa inspected the build prior to opening and reported that the project execution and construction was within the top 5% quality of recently completed regional outlets.

Challenge: KFC Bulawayo presented a unique opportunity as the first MBFK branded KFC Outlet outside of South Africa. The store is designed as a flagship store to the Bulawayo market and because it incorporates a 1st floor office, and distribution hub to the region, is larger than normal at total gross building area of 350m2.

Solution: By modelling each KFC site in REVIT 3D we were able to show the client accurate spatial, material and aesthetic interior design responses to each site. Front of house customer order and dining zones as well as back of house cooking and utility/storage areas are co-ordinated in detail - from the three dimensional layout of electrical and lighting design, to the location of furniture, fittings, and equipment.


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