• Client: PSMAS
  • Geographic Location: ZIMBABWE, Harare
  • Building Size: 10 000 - 20 000m2
  • Year Completed: 1997
  • Work Stage: 1-3: Site Supervision & Contract Admin.
  • Contractors:
    • None
  • Consultants:
    • Lead Architect/Technician: Mark Claypole
    • Team:
    • Publications:




    Description: in 1997 APS were comissioned to design a new multi-storey office block, as the regional head quarters for the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS), on George Silundika Avenue in the CBD. Their scope of works was to include the new Head Office building as well as the renovation and incorporation of an existing structure.

    Challenge: In the midst of a busy city block, the challenge for the design team, was to respond to the surrounding urban context and create a design language of its own.

    Solution: A mixed use office block was proposed, which caters to the high levels of pedestrian activity at ground floor, with a retail component. The additional 6 floors above, take the form of highly functional and flexible floor plates, ideal for either open plan or partitioned offices, all with views onto the street and a sheltered courtyard. Tectonically the building takes its form from the highly suggestive structural exo-skeleton, which supports the principle building envelope. The building corner is prime, and articulated with key offices and semi-circular balcony’s. Shading to the exposed northern facing offices is dealt with by horizontal louvred sun screens, which mitigate the harsh midday sun and related solar gain.


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