Tapiwanashe Mativenga

Architectural Assistant

2015 - 2019

  • 2014: (B.A.S.) Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of Cape Town, SA
  • 2016: (B.A.S. Hons), Bachelor of Architectural Studies Honours, University of Cape Town, SA
    • Reuben Stubbs Architectural Award, University of Cape Town, SA
  • 2017: (M.Arch (Prof)) Master of Architecture, University of Cape Town, SA
  • 2015-2016: APS, Harare, Zim
  • 2017-2019: APS, Harare, Zim
  • 2019 to Current: Nicoptic Productions, Mauritius


Upon completing his undergraduate degree Tapiwanashe joined APS in 2015 as an intern to gain work experience before heading back to attain his honours and masters degrees. Since concluding his studies he has spent time consulting with APS between his travels around Africa.

Tapiwanashe has a keen interest in high to mid-end residential and commercial projects. He is committed to exploring the effect well grounded architectural thinking has on spaces people live and work in. This desire is carried forward in his passion for the property development sector, specifically the impact of good design on project outcomes.

The exploration and modelling of conceptual designs, leading to fully integrated digital models and the creation of rendered images and high quality 3D visualisations.