Les Jellicoe

Architectural Intern

2017 - 2017
Part (2) Student

  • 2019: 2nd year BAS, University of Cape Town, SA
  • 2014: Gas installer at Gas n Gear, Harare, ZIM
  • 2017: Architectural and Planning Studio, Harare, ZIM
  • 2019: Architectural and Planning Studio, Harare, ZIM


In 2019, Leslie is in his second year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town. He has spent time at APS in between his studies.

Les has a keen interest in sustainable design and biomimicry. His time at school nurtured his creative mind, and he excelled in art, music and ballroom dance. His inspiration comes from nature and Architects such a Jorn Utzon and Mike Pierce who have used nature as a basis for their design inspiration.

Leslie is never short of creative solutions to problems, and excels in lateral thinking. Time spent in a trade apprenticeship has taught Les the value of the practical side to architectural services.