Kudzai Keith Gupo

Architectural Intern

2018 - Vac. Work
Part (2) Student

  • 2017: BAS, University of Cape Town, SA
  • 2019: Currently studying BAS Hons, University of Cape Town, SA


Kudzai finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town in 2017. He worked as an Architectural Assistant at APS during his year of work experience in 2018. Currently, he is studying an Honours degree the University of Cape Town.

Kudzai has a keen interest in ‘Architectural Revolution’, and the disruption associated with building context and social interaction over time. During the course of his future studies, he plans to explore conceptual elements such as activity pockets, spatial thresholds and inside/outside spaces. Kudzai finds inspiration from Architect, Rem Koolhaus and Design Theorist, Christopher Alexander.

Kudzai has clear ability in architectural conceptualisation, and the underlying theoretical ideas that inform and layer the design process.