Tadiwa Mashiri

Architectural Assistant

2020 - Ongoing

  • 2019: B.Arch (with Honours), University of Manchester, UK
  • 2023: M.Arch, University of Cape Town, SA
  • 2015: Internship, Archicraft Architects, Harare, Zim
  • 2020: Internship, APS


Tadiwa completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester in 2019. He worked as an architectural assistant at APS during his Part 1 work experience in 2020. 

Tadiwa recently completed his Masters degree at the University of Cape Town in 2022, and we are thrilled to have him back at APS from Jan 2023.

Tadiwa has an interest in parametric architecture and the relationship between nature, the body and the built environment. In his future studies Tadiwa would like to research on how the built environment can explore the relationship between biology and technology to produce an end result that is more than the sum of its individual parts. Tadiwa finds his inspiration from Architects such as Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaus and Designer Neri Oxman.

Tadiwa has a strong ability in visual and graphic layout. Tadiwa also has the ability to communicate the development of an architectural project from the conceptual stage to the final design stage, whilst alluding back to the guiding principle or theory behind the design.