Craig Muyambo

Architectural Assistant

2017 - Current

  • 2013-2018: BAS, Canadian University Dubai, UAE
  • 2016: RMJM Architects and Masterplanners, Dubai, UAE
  • 2017: APS Architects, Harare, ZIM
  • 2018 - Current: APS Architects, Harare, ZIM


Craig started off at APS as an intern in 2017. After 5 years of architectural study in Dubai, Craig returned to Zimbabwe in 2018 to join the APS team full time. Craig is currently an architectural assistant working towards his architectural registration in Zimbabwe through his work experience with the firm. Craig plays an active role in the design and working drawings , with a touch of 3D building visualisation.

Craig's interest in architecture is focused on understanding the human anatomy, and nature to create spaces that make users feel at one with both the man-made and the natural environment. This is expressed comprehensively through his architectural experiments during his studies. His challenge now is to translate these ideas into workable realities - with specific consideration of building regulations, construction techniques, technology and materials in the Southern African context.

Generating design ideas and formulating concepts in a collaborative effort.