Vainona Cluster Housing Development

Vainona Cluster Housing Development



Description: In 2020 APS were commissioned to design a 5 unit cluster housing development in Vainona, Harare for a private client. 

Challenge: The clients brief was to focus on efficiency and maximising the opportunity of the site as well as providing comfortable, energy efficient modern design using as many locally avaliable materials and recources. The design needed to be different from the standard architectural language of the surrounding houses. 

Solution: The design solution took into consideration the arrangement of the independant houses on the tight site. Through masing studies the position and shape of the houses was determined to be in rows which is appropriate to maximise on solar orientation for all the internal spaces and solar pannels. The arrangement also maximised the private garden space and the access road to each individual unit within the community to be efficient.

The architectural concept of the development makes use of contrasting materials that highlight simple framed forms in the shape of the typical house, In some instances the simple framed forms are unexpectadly cut with horizontal elements creating contradiction to the norm. 

The arrangement of space is designed around a central courtyard, this is a unique feature that gives the design an abundance of natural light and cross ventilation that can be substituted for expensive air conditioning in the warm Harare summers. The central courtyard is also aesthetically pleasing and provides peaceful privacy for the tennants. The living, dining and Kitchen areas are all open plan connecting to one another, the living room opens up to the verandah, pool and the central courtyard. The doors opening to these spaces are large that can also be opened up providing an extension of space creating a connected indoor and outdoor living experience. 

The more private bedroom spaces are located on the south side of the house. The master bedroom is located to maximise on the views over the garden and benefit from the early morning sunrise to the East. The bedroom comes with an en- suite bathroom, separate toilet and walk through wardrobe. The family bedrooms are 12m2 each and are also situated on the southern side of the house providing defused light into the spaces with one of the bedrooms having an on suite bathroom as well as a window facing North into the courtyard which helps provide direct light into the space during the winter months.



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